With the evolving nail trends and products, it can be head-scratching for us to choose from the various products. The rise of gel nail polish is one such trend. What could be better than the perfect gel manicure all the time? When talking about the gel nail polish, let’s uncover one of the top brands, the Gelixir nail polish.

Gelixir is a brand made in the USA. Gelixir gel nail polish is made with 100% authentic materials which causes less damage to your natural nails. Gelixir offers a  chip-free wear and glossy shine to your nails. Gelixir nail polish is compatible with a UV / LED lamp. It is also known as a soak-off gel or no-wipe top coat. This no-wipe top coat acts as a sealer. It is specially designed to create an ultimate shine with your current soak-off gel polish. Gelixir causes a high shine that will not easily dull, chip or peel from the nails and can be easily removed as it is a soak-off gel. It cures under an LED/UV light within a few minutes.

Gelixir gel no-wipe top coat and base coat comes up with the perfect matching duo with a combination of long-lasting gel top coat and base coat which makes your nails look more professional and salon perfect, even when done at your home. The duo provides a base coat which is to be applied on the nails that are filed and prepared properly. After curing and drying the gel polish color under the UV/ LED light, the Gelixir top coat can be applied to give the final glossier look.

Gelixir also comes with a color chart which makes it easier to choose from. The best part is the duo, so you don’t have to worry much. The Gelixir gel polish colors gives a rich texture and not only shines, but protects your nails from damaging this gel nail polish stays for a longer time in shape and chip-free.

Following this, we will discover some of the perks of having gel nail polish.

Gel nails are way more durable than acrylic nails

The greatest advantage of using the Gel polish for your nails is because of its longevity and long-lasting wear. Gel polish can last up to three to four weeks when taken care of properly. The gel polish causes no dents or scratches, it is totally chip-free! In addition to this, the gel polish does not peel or fade away easily. This type of gel polish leaves you without any annoying smudges as the gel manicures are cured under a UV light which enables it to harden quickly. So, if you want your nails to last longer and stronger, you can opt for gel nails. Even if you have weak nails, gel are the perfect match for you. There are so many nail products in the market that offer the best and affordable products.

Protects your nails from getting damaged

If your nails are prone to breaking easily, gel nails will help in protecting and making your nails stronger than they used to be. The gel polish acts as a bulwark and protects your nails from getting damaged by the pollutants too.

Choose from various gel polish shades and experiment with different nail arts

The gel nail polish is totally versatile which helps you in selecting your matching and perfect color. This nail trend makes it possible for you to try out different colors and designs on your nails. Gel polish is ideal for almost every occasion. This is possibly due to the quick application of gel nails. Also each layer applied can be dried easily under the UV light.

Dries rapidly

No more waiting for drying your nails. The gel polish has a quick-drying formula which dries within 30 to 45 seconds. The regular nail colors are more prone to smudges and chipping because of its longer drying process.

Look and feel like the natural nails

Another perk of the gel nails is its appearance, as it’s the same as your natural nails. This is due to the application, the layers are comparatively thinner than the regular nail colors. The nails can be bent easily and are flexible too! Another good thing about the gel nails is that it does not have any odor.

Be gentle while removing your nail polish, as it is a soak-off gel it will not take much of your efforts.


Now that you know the pros of using gel nail colors over the regular ones, you can think of the gel nails. You are good to go with these nail trends, find a perfect duo for your nails and buy your one for Gelixir gel polish wholesale. Happy Shopping!