If you like to get your skin tanned using a self-tanner but don’t know the best way to use the product, here is a guide for you to find out the correct ways to apply the tanner.

Tips for Applying Self Tanner on Fair Skin

How to Apply Self Tanner

After finding out which sunless tanner suits your skin tone, you should know the right way to apply the product.

Get Shaved and Exfoliated

Self-tanner for fair skin gives better results and lasts for a longer period on the skin, which has been shaved and exfoliated before the application. If you want to apply the product smoothly, you first need to remove dead skin cells using a body scrub. You must also shave properly because tan gets faded on unshaved skin.

Choose the Right Place to Apply Self-tanner

After taking a shower, you should first make your dry. Then, get your favourite self-tanner and take a seat near the sink. You have to stay around the sink because you have to wash your palms properly after application.

Apply the Product Evenly

You should start from the bottom to the top of your face to apply the product properly. Massage it in a circular pattern. Sunless tanner can be applied in various sections, including legs, arms, and face, to get an even tan in the entire body. Don’t apply unevenly because it can make your tan look patchy.

Take Extra Care While Applying on Hands

If you want a natural glow, you should use a makeup brush to apply tanner to your hands. You should blend the product in your skin in an even manner. If you don’t like orange palms, you should use a tanning mitt. You should clean your nails and cuticles properly because they can quickly react to the DHA present in the tanner. Once you are done applying the product, you should use a nail scrubber and soap to remove any leftovers.

Let Your Skin Absorb Self Tanner

After application, you should wait for 10 minutes before getting dressed so that the skin absorbs the tanner and doesn’t ruin your dress. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer on your skin so that the tanner gets absorbed quickly.

Avoid Getting Sweated

After application, you should avoid a place that can get you sweaty for at least a few hours. If you have applied the tanner to your body, you should wear a loose-fitting dress until the tan is completely dry.

Apply an Additional Product for a Darker Tan

If you prefer a darker tan, you can reapply the product. For the perfect look, you can try different tanning creams. For instance, if you applied an instant tanner, then after a few days, you can apply a gradual tanner to maintain the tan.

Secret Tips to Getting Perfect Tan

If you are struggling to get the perfect and natural tan look, you must be making some simple mistakes that are affecting the result.

  • You should avoid applying deodorant or perfume before applying the tanner. It can turn your tan look green.
  • Avoid getting dressed until the tanner has completely dried and absorbed in your skin. Once you have decided to get dressed, choose a loose-fitting dress to rub against your skin.
  • You apply the tanner in the evening as there is less chance of getting sweated, and the tan can fully develop overnight. Most tanners need 4-6 hours to show results.
  • After application, you should wash your skin with cold water. Avoid using soap and scrubs on the tanned skin because it can make it fade.
  • You should wax your hair 24 hours before tanning your skin with indoor tanning lotion as it can stick to loose pores giving your dark skin dots and making your skin look patchy.


In conclusion, if applied properly, self-tanners are useful products to get an enhanced and darker colour complexion without damaging skin from harmful effects of the sun.