Valentine’s Day has just gone by. Of course, every one of you would have loved to have your favorite Valentine’s Day nail designs to impress your beloveds. Now, St Patrick’s Day is lurking around the corner, and it is time you prepare your nails to celebrate the occasion with full enthusiasm.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, where you could choose from an exciting range of gel nail polishes, St Patrick’s Day narrows down the options with emphasis on the green color more than any other shade. However, green is trending today globally, and you have a fantastic range of greens and St Patrick’s Day nail designs available.

Let us discuss some green gel polish that you could wear on St Patrick’s Day.

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

The Green French Manicure

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

French manicures are common with women globally. The nails look exquisite with the white borders against the nude or dark bases. However, green is the trend today. Hence, you can experiment with the French manicure and have a green edge instead of the white. Sometimes, it pays to experiment with your manicures, as you could end up setting the trend for others to follow. This St Patrick’s Day, you can start a new trend by infusing as much green as possible in your nails and having the time of your life.

Add Some Glitter to the Greens

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

As it is, the spring season is approaching very soon. You must have already switched over from the dark wintry hues to the bright nail colors gel to welcome the spring. With the onset of spring, there is greenery everywhere, making it the right time to have green gel nail polishes on your fingernails. In addition, you can spice up your nails by adding glitter, especially golden color, to make your nails look more attractive. This glittering St Patrick’s Day nail design is one shade you should try out.

Geometric Shapes Look Cool

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

The best part of nail art designs is that there is no limit to your experimentations. You can try out almost any geometrical shape on your nails and give full vent to your imagination. However, as St Patrick’s Day is arriving soon, it is advisable to have a dash of green to spruce up the surroundings. So mixing your green, gold, and nude shades to make it a memorable St Patrick’s Day is appropriate.

The Pink and Green Combo

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

If any color sets beautifully with green, it has to be red. The lighter red shades bordering on the pink and peach hues are perfect for having green interspersed at prominent locations. This St Patrick’s Day nail design can set you apart from the crowd and make you the center of attraction. The best aspect of the pink-green nail colors combo is that it suits almost every skin tone. So you can have your jewelry and add to the overall glamor quotient.

The Subtle Neon Greens Have a Heavenly Finish

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

Everyone loves fluorescent colors, especially as they glow in the dark and render a new meaning to fashion. The neon green gel nail polishes should serve as an ideal topping on the cake as you cap your nail edges with this fluorescent hue. Your nails garner the attention they deserve because they become visible from afar. You announce your arrival at the party from a distance, with people admiring your choice. This St Patrick’s Day nail design can set new fashion trends and be the flavor of the day.

The Jewel Tone Look

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

St Patrick’s Day offers the ideal opportunity to experiment with different shades of green. One of the most attractive designs is the jewel tone look, where you can have the golden and silver glittering colors merging with the greens to deliver a heavenly look. In addition, the jewel tone nail colors gel makes for an enchanting combination when you wear glittering jewelry and attire.

Try Out the Military Green for a Change

Best St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

While the lighter green hues add romanticism to your personality, you can introduce the element of ruggedness with military green shades on your nail edges. Having them with a nude base makes for a fantastic experience. This new design can surely turn heads as you strut around proudly with an air of military arrogance. It is great to have dual green colors and add excitement.

Final Thoughts

St Patrick’s Day is not very far away. Hence, it makes sense to prepare yourself in the month leading to the occasion by having as many green shades in your gel as possible. Besides, green is the way to go, with spring approaching soon. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to merge with Mother Nature and show your commitment to protecting the environment. So, if you have the green gel nail polishes in your makeup drawers, the right time to pull it is now.