Are you bored with the traditional nail polish designs? Yes, you would be because watching the same colors every day does not give you any new sense of excitement. So, are you game enough to try out fanciful designs on your nails? Many people might not like it, but why should you care? It is your nails, and you have the freedom to paint them whichever way you want. If you share this attitude, welcome to our unique club, where we discuss innovative Daisy nail polish designs that can make your day memorable.

Innovative Nail Art Designs That Look Stylish

Two-toned nail art designs are beautiful

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

Having monochromatic nails can be boring. So, let us try the two-toned nail polish finish on your nails. First, how do you apply two-toned nail polish? We advise you to start with the lighter color first. Then, you can apply it to your entire nail as you regularly do. Once you cure the DND gel colors under the UV lamp, you can stick a cellophane tape on your nails. Now, proceed with the darker color. The light hue under the tape remains as it is. So, you end up with an excellent two-toned nail art design.

The marbled pattern can be exciting

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

The marbled nail art is an exciting design but one of the most difficult to master. This exquisite design takes a lot of practice and patience. Besides, you need beautiful, long nails to carry out this design. If you do not possess long nails, you can try out gel x extensions and enhance the length. The beautiful feature of this design is the experimentation you can do with various colors. Of course, the light blue colors are the best, but you can also try the green and red shades. Each of these colors can look awesome on your nails.

Polka dots can be simple but beautiful

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

Ask any child to draw a design, and you can get a polka-dotted design most of the time. The polka dots are the simplest of all designs, but they can look cute on your nails, especially if you get the color combination right. Usually, you go for contrasting colors like black & white, red & white, brown & white, etc. So, white seems to be a universal choice. You can add to the excitement by painting one of the nails with a white base and contrasting colored polka dot. The other fingernails can have the regular white dots on the base color. This design can light up any evening and make you the star of the show.

What about the French manicure?

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

No discussion of nail polish designs can be complete without mentioning the French manicure. This design is the most popular manicure in the world, with almost every woman having tried it once in their life, if not more. While you can have different French manicures, the traditional white border is the most popular. But, recently, people have started experimenting with black borders and even reverse manicures. This French manicure is one design that gives utmost joy whenever you have them. Though it is one of the simplest designs, it has significance as a trendsetter.

The matte manicure makes a forceful fashion statement

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

People generally love glossy colors when using DND gel colors. Glossy colors are attractive, but the most beautiful nail manicure is the matter finish. Nothing can be more natural than a simple matte finish on your nails. The glossy shades can attract people’s attention towards you, but the matte shade is the one that can captivate their attention and take it to the next level. So, if you are trying the matte finish, the dark violet shades should be ideal. Secondly, we always advise choosing colors that suit your skin tone better than anything else.

Have you tried the sunset effect?

Six Innovative Nail Polish Designs That Can Make Your Day

We suggest you try the sunset effect on your nails before anything else. Daisy nail polish offers you an exciting range of color options ranging from the orange to the yellows and reds to the pink for arriving at the best sunset effect. It is the most beautiful design you can imagine having on your nails. Besides gelling beautifully with your skin tone and attire, the sunset effect is a massive trendsetter. In addition, the color choice itself can give you goosebumps. So, if you have them on your nails, you can set trends for everyone to follow.

Final Thoughts

We agree that having a single color on your nails can be monotonous. So, if you are willing to experiment, you can do so using the choices discussed here. Each of these designs can turn heads and make you the center of attraction whenever you hit the dance floor. So, use these beautiful design ideas to charm people and make your day.