Oily skin faces the most problems in handling due to excessive breakouts. People with oily skin find it the hardest to get a beautiful glam Makeup that does not settle perfectly and washes out very quickly. The sebum makes the face look shiny and because of this issue, it is very hard to achieve a matte finish. In this article, we will discuss problems faced by oily skin and their possible solutions.

Commonly Problems of Oily Skin and Solutions

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Complications of oily skin

There are a number of problems associated with oily skin. Almost all the major skin diseases are characterised by excessive oil and sebum production. Here are a few most commonly occurring complications associated with oily skin.

Clogging of pores

The excessive oil being produced can seal the pores of the skin and in this way, skin cells start getting deprived of nutrients.

Pimples and acne

Oily skin experiences the worst pimple and acne breakouts. The oily layer allows convenient growth of microorganisms which cause infections.


The oil forms a thick layer on the skin that attracts dust and pollution from the surrounding atmosphere. These dust particles become trapped in the skin and form stubborn blackheads..

Formation of a shiny layer

The oil forms a shiny, sweaty layer on the face. This makes the makeup products wash out quickly. One easy way to get rid of this issue is to use best Korean cushion foundation for oily skin. This will dry out the oil and control it from breaking out for the rest of the day. In this way your makeup will be somehow protected and will last longer.

Nutrient deficiency

Skin starts losing its health because the oily layer blocks the supply of nutrients to all parts of the skin. This way, skin starts to age very quickly.

Tips to resolve problems faced by oily skin

Now that know what problems you can face with oily skin, here are a few suggestions that you can try out. These are beneficial makeup and skin care tips that you can incorporate in your daily routine. These will definitely help you out in controlling you oil breakouts.

Adopt a skin care routine that is designed specifically for oily skin. You can try out mud masks and mineral products. These are incredibly helpful in controlling oil breakouts. You also need to cleanse and scrub your skin on a regular basis. This step is crucial to scrape off all the deposited oil and blackheads. Along with that, your skin will become clean and won’t let any microorganisms to settle. In this way, future sebum breakouts will be prevented.

Use of toners and serums is also recommended in order to meet the nutrient requirements of the skin.

Talking about makeup, there are a number of products that can help you out. First of all, go for all mineral products. These products are highly recommended to give you a perfect matte finish and controlling breakouts.

After completing your makeup, it is very important to seal all the oil glands so the makeup stays in place for longer. For this purpose, you can use top setting spray for oily skin to finish your look. It is perfect to give you a mattifying finish and won’t let the oil secretions mess up your makeup. You will end up with a beautiful and glamorous look all day long.

Make sure you check each and every product that you are using. If there is any product that is stimulating the production of oil, discontinue its use.


Oily skin is the most vulnerable to infections and microbial growth. The sebum also traps impurities and makes skin lose its glow. It is very important to know the root cause of the issue and then adopt a proper way to tackle it. I hope we have given you ample amount of information about the problems you can face with oily skin. Along with that, the suggested solutions for these problems will help you out in getting a beautiful glam.