Best Nail Shapes for Every Manicure

Every visit into a nail salon leaves you with a decision to make. You have to determine the nature of the nail shape that you need your nails to have. There is a hoard of options that you can choose from, but coming up with the best nail style is not easy. There are more shapes in the world than your finger count, which makes it hard to track nail shapes, leave alone choosing them. However, there are some of the best nail shapes that are worthy of every manicure. If you are using acrylics, gels, or dipping systems such as SNS powder nails and OPI nails,… you can always try out your favourite nail style and combine it with your favourite manicure. It is also necessary to know the nature of shade that augurs well with the shape of your nails. This article provides some of the best nail shapes that can be used for every manicure.

Squire Nails

This is a distinct nail shape, just like its name. The nails have a squire shape with sharp and straight corners, as well as flat tops. The nails do not taper in; neither do they flare out. They are most common in people whose nail beds are narrow or long. It is also a typical shape for people with short nails.