When manicure lovers visit their usual SNS, OPI, Nugenesis, Kiara Sky, or DND nail supplies store, it is expected that they will go for the well-renowned dip powder systems. However, the world of beauty is continually changing, and new products are being discovered every day. Most of the times, the newly introduced products in the market are improved or have unique features that allow them to compete favourably with the existing products in the market. Dermatologists and professionals in the beauty industry have been working tirelessly to invent new dipping powder systems that nourish and strengthen the nails while providing them with a unique look. Here, we are determined to keep you informed about the latest inventions in the world of dip powders that are giving the well-renowned dip powder systems a run for their money.

LDS Dipping Powder Starter Kit

When it comes to dipping powder systems, the LDS dipping powder starter kit is one of the most excellent options that any manicure lover can go for. Besides lasting longer than the traditional gels and acrylics, this system is easy to use. Furthermore, it is cheaper than most of the other systems, yet it provides you with a salon-quality, professional and stylish look. The kit contains an activator, a gel dip, a nail prep, and distinct colours of crystal colour base powder such as white, pink, silver glitter, creamy rose, and red. Also, a buffer, nail file and dust brush are part of the kit to ensure that the user achieves a perfect finish. It lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and does not require the use of an LED or UV light lamp for treatment because the polish dries almost immediately after application. Furthermore, polish does not damage the nails, and it can be easily removed using acetone.

Tomicca French Nail System Starter Kit

This Tomicca made dip powder system is one of the best upcoming dip powder systems. The polish does not require light to be cured, and it provides the nails with a colourful and glossy finish. If you choose to order the product from the manufacturer’s online store, you will be provided with custom 1V1 online VIP service as after-sale service. The resin powder used in its manufacture is finer and healthier to ensure the production of a dip powder system that can easily be applied. The manufacturer carefully selects the ingredients while respecting both the environment and nature. Besides getting a remarkable shine, each application provides you with a lightweight and natural look. Moreover, unlike traditional polishes, this dip powder formulation contains calcium that strengthens the nails helping them to withstand the daily wear and tear. Its use also results in a gorgeous and long-lasting manicure that serves you for up to 18 days.

Makartt All-Inclusive Dipping Powder Starter Kit

The new Makartt dip powder brand provides its users with new and unique colours to use in al French manicure designs. The resultant manicure is chip-resistant, non-yellowing, odourless, long-wearing, gentle on the nails and easy to use. The kit can be used by both professionals in salons and for DIY at the comfort of your home. The gel dries faster after application and does not require the use of a UV or LED lamp. All the products in the kit are approved and certified by the MSDS. The products are made using friendly ingredients, and they are never tested in animals. Furthermore, the formulation provides the product with complex bonds that help to hold the manicure in place longer than usual.

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Dipping Starter Kit

This is another modern innovation that has helped reshape the beauty industry. Spa and salon clients can now enjoy up to 2 weeks of chip-free and glossy manicure. This kit contains highly pigmented powders that are finely-milled, an artistic activator and a unique resin to provide the user with the most durable and expensive mani. It is also easy to apply and remove. Furthermore, it is odour free to ensure your comfort during application. The kit contains different products including powder polish of different colours such as Clear White, French Pink, Silver Mica, and Passionate Pink. It also includes treatments like Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil, Brush Cleaner, Gel Activator, Layering Gel Dip, Nail Base and Top Gel, and Nail primer. Also, there are three dipping trays in the kit.


The beauty industry is getting bigger and better, and so does the dip powder systems. New inventions are finding their way into the market every day. It is vital to stay informed about upcoming trends. To keep you well informed, we have compiled some of the best dip powder systems newly introduced into the market that you can always try out. It is okay to try something new, and these products promise you no regrets when you choose them.