Every visit into a nail salon leaves you with a decision to make. You have to determine the nature of the nail shape that you need your nails to have. There is a hoard of options that you can choose from, but coming up with the best nail style is not easy. There are more shapes in the world than your finger count, which makes it hard to track nail shapes, leave alone choosing them. However, there are some of the best nail shapes that are worthy of every manicure. If you are using acrylics, gels, or dipping systems such as SNS powder nails and OPI nails,… you can always try out your favourite nail style and combine it with your favourite manicure. It is also necessary to know the nature of shade that augurs well with the shape of your nails. This article provides some of the best nail shapes that can be used for every manicure.

Squire Nails

This is a distinct nail shape, just like its name. The nails have a squire shape with sharp and straight corners, as well as flat tops. The nails do not taper in; neither do they flare out. They are most common in people whose nail beds are narrow or long. It is also a typical shape for people with short nails.

Squoval Nails

The squoval nails are squire oval kind of nails common in people who hate sharp corners but are into flat-edged squares. For such people, squoval nails are the best nail shape. To get the best out of this shape, this universal style has softened corners.

Round Nails

Round nails are the best nails for the people who fancy short nails. These kinds of nails have curved edges and straight sides, just like squire nails. The shape follows the natural fingertips’ shape.

Oval Nails

There is a big difference between oval and round nails. When oval ails are concerned, they are filed on the tips and down on the sides. These nails have an extreme curvature that gives the fingers a slender look.

Almond Nails

The filing of almond nails is done along the sides, just like oval nails. The walls of the nails are tapered in such a way that the peaks result in a round shape that gives the nails a look similar to that of a real almond. It is common for the almond nail manicures to have acrylic or gel reinforcements because natural nails are not strong enough to retain the almond structure.

Ballerina Nails

This is a signature nail shape for Kylie Jenner. The shape is also referred to as Coffin shape. The nails are shaped like the stiletto nails, with the only distinction being that instead of their tip being pointed, it is square-shaped. They are known as coffin nails or ballerina because they resemble the shape of a ballerina’s slippers and a coffin.

Stiletto Nails

Stiletto refers to spike-shaped nails that begin with the almond shape, ensuring that they have a broad base and a sharper edge. The ice cream nail arts work well with stiletto nails. These kinds of nail structures are all about drama.

Lipstick Nails

The fresh lipstick tube cut angle inspires these kinds of nails. The nail style is designed just like your best nail colour. It is a diagonally slanting square nail style that provides the nails with a unique shape

Arrowhead Nails

Unlike the stiletto nails, arrowhead nails are a less severe version. They are created in such a way that their point is softer and shorter.

Flare Nails

This is the kind of nail shape that flares outwards and upwards, just as the name suggests. It provides the nails with an exceptional flare shape that makes the form also be referred to ask duckbill shape because it is similar to the shape of a duckbill.

Edge Nails

Edge nails are almost similar to stiletto, but their pointed edge is not as pronounced as that of their mountain peak, arrowhead, or stiletto shape counterparts. The tip of edge nails is characterized by its straight extension before the filing of the top edges. When acrylics are used to create edge nails, a ridge cuts across the centre of the nails.

Mountain Peak Nails

This is another version of stiletto nails. However, stiletto nails are shaped in such a way that they are pointier and shorter than a stiletto. This nail shape is Lady Gaga’s favourite.


The shape of the nails usually complements a manicure. Before you visit a salon for a manicure or professional nail supplies to acquire your best manicure components, it is vital to have a predetermined idea of what you want. Back in your mind, there should be a perfect shape of nails lingering in your mind to complement the nature of manicure that you fancy.