Tattooing requires both talent and the right equipment to bring out the perfect artist in you. Hence investing in high-quality performance delivering equipment is necessary. Every single piece of equipment used in the tattoo studio is vital in achieving exquisite results.

Most importantly, the tattooing machine and the power supply cable have a lot of importance as they have a direct impact on the interaction with the client. As they decide the design output, it is essential to have top-notch equipment as below.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The carbon steel made, ergonomic rotary tattoo machine is lightweight and operates with extremely smooth precision. You will agree that the Dragonhawk is the best tattoo machine brand when you experience its flawless performance.

It can deliver various outputs such as lining, filling shading in both monochrome and color. It comes with a clip cord connection; you need not worry about purchasing a compatible power cable. Varying the voltage for different actions is a breeze.

HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Professional Tattoo Pen

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The corn rotary tattoo machine by Hawink is compact and ergonomic. Its pen-style design, lightweight, emulated grip, and its width feels just like a pen. The damping mechanism provided in the tattoo machine reduces the vibrations transfer and keeps the customer at ease while being tattooed.

It is capable of delivering 6300 RPM with the help of its high-quality motor. The smooth rotation of the shaft and substantial torque help in precision tattooing. Also, its compatibility with all cartridge needle types makes it more versatile. This machine comes equipped with an RCA power cord.

Anself Pro Tattoo Machine Gun Shader Liner

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The exquisitely designed fashionable shader and liner tattoo coil machine has two high quality ten warps coils. Also, the pure iron armature bar delivers extraordinary magnetic conductivity.

It can work for 8 hours at a stretch without heating up. The highly elastic spring present in this device works as anti-fatigue support when you need to work for long hours. This serves as a perfect machine for the tattoo artists who require a high-quality tattoo machine.

Dragonhawk Tattoo RCA Cord for Tattoo Machines

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The RCA cable by Dragonhawk offers superior connectivity as it is made of top-quality copper. This premium cable has an angled head for supporting the cable from breaking quickly with continuous use. The flexible cable does not tangle. Its lightweight keeps the tattooing machines steady in your hand.

Also, the durability it offers is reliable. Hence it is the best RCA cables for tattoo artists with extraordinary performance. Even the mold injection is improved and far better than many other cables as it provides a tight grip and does not come out when using.

CINRA RCA Tattoo Clip Cord for Power Supply

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The silicon soft tattoo clip cord is 5.9 feet in length offering good mobility. Inside wire of the cord is made of top-grade copper and coated with high-grade silicone, which keeps the wire durable for a long.

Professional tattooists prefer this cable as is very flexible and offers a standard power supply. Its mono plug is hard to break, and it fits most of the machine types.


When geared up with the right equipment, you can create wonders. Never hesitate to invest in quality devices as they pay off in the long run both in terms of money and reputation.

Skimping on tools will backfire as productivity declines, and even clients do not feel comfortable, leading to the loss of business. Hence think wisely and purchase the right machinery where required.